Keystone Substance Abuse group honors fallen detective set to speak at event

The Rock Hill community continued to honor the life of York County Detective Mike Doty on Thursday.

The detective was set to speak at a summit in Rock Hill about the opioid epidemic. It's an issue he was dedicated to solving, during his time at the York County Sheriff's Office.

A bouquet of white roses and balloons reserved the spot for the late Detective Mike Doty.

"He had already begun to prepare for this summit. He was so excited about speaking today,” said York County Undersheriff Major Robbie Hudgins.

They even found notes in his car-- thoughts he'd written down for this Thursday’s Opioid Summit at Rock Hill's Palmetto Room. Hudgins spoke on Doty’s behalf.

"Mike was all about saving lives. We're going to highlight that today and challenge this group to do that very same thing. That's what mike would tell them."

He says Detective Mike Doty, who was shot in the line of duty last week and later died of his injuries, was a leader in the battle against the opioid epidemic in York County. Even now, he continues to make a difference.

"Mike laid down his life for others. Not only did he do that but mike also effected lives after his death because he was an organ donor.”

Major Hudgins says the law enforcement family is holding each other up following Doty's death.

"We're behind each other, but at the same time, one of the things that has made us even stronger has been the community support. We've been overwhelmed with the support. In fact, we've been humbled by it."