Kicked to the Curb: Attorneys warn Lake Arbor residents of signing agreement with management

A team of attorneys expressed their concerns to Lake Arbor Apartments' residents on Saturday about an "incentive package agreement" they've been asked to sign.that could stand in the way of earning money from a lawsuit.

"Don't sign nothing until you talk with [the attorneys}," community organizer Blanche Penn said.

The North Carolina Justice Center, along with the Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy and business lawyer Guy E. Cousins have gathered tenants to file a class-action lawsuit related to the living conditions at Lake Arbor.

Code enforcement violations have been found inside all of the nearly 300 units and management is now kicking all tenants out and asking them to sign an incentive agreement that would forgive past-due rent prior to moving out.

The agreement, however, is met with concerns.

"Residents have basically been given this letter from the landlord that's basically asking them to sign away any right they have in exchange for an incentive package that is very vaguely defined right now," community organizer Bree Newsome said.

The agreement could prevent tenants from collecting on money earned from a lawsuit.

Lake Arbor's attorney, Erik Rosenwood, with Rosenwood, Rose & Litwak, has not responded to FOX 46's multiple requests for comment since July 10.

A majority of tenants are told they need to be out by Dec. 31. Some need to be out as early as Aug. 31.

Any tenants wanting to join the class-action lawsuit should contact the NC Justice Center.