Kid caught on camera stealing packages in southwest Charlotte

A homeowner wants answers after he says a young child was caught on camera stealing packages from his doorstep. 

The homeowner says he was on his way home from work when the packages were stolen. He shared the video on social media hoping someone knows the thief.

On the video you hear another voice say "there's more. Get that one, the white one," referring to one of the packages. The boy then grabs the packages and runs away. 

Bennie Letterman says several of his neighbors on Firwood Lane in the Collingwood neighborhood of southwest Charlotte have had packages stolen recently. 

“It really doesn't scare them. These kids aren't stupid, they know how to go about this,” Letterman said.

“I’m on senior citizen Medicare, I do not have prescription drugs delivered to my home can you imagine what would happen if they were stolen.” 

Letterman is especially upset that the boy in this video is so young.

“These are not 17, 18 year olds. These are young kids.” 

The homeowner says he filed a police report and the packages stolen were not of great value, but he's frustrated that the kids were up to no good while he was away hard at work. 

“There are so many people that are not home, they're at work. You got the retirees, but most people in these homes, there's nobody around,” 

Letterman says it's up to him and his neighbors to look out for one another because he says the bad guys are always at work.

“When they work a neighborhood, what I’m told is they have it down pat. They know what they're doing,” 

Letterman told FOX 46 he hopes neighbors will share with one another when they are having packages delivered, so they can be on the lookout and maybe help each other by picking up the packages for one another.