Kids enjoy another snow day while parents, drivers, struggle with icy roads

Kids all over our area were celebrating another snow day as several schools issued cancellations for the day. Some parents, however, were feeling frustrated as they set out on icy roads. 

The Walkosz children didn't have to worry about getting out on those slick roads, but their dad did. He needed to get to the grocery store.   

They live at lower Rocky River Rd. and Ridge Rd., where cars could be seen littering the sides of the roads after hitting dangerous patches of ice. 

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The conditions on the road were so bad the road had to be shut down on Thursday, but it has since re-opened. the treacherous trek for a grocery store run. 

“It was a little slick still,” Nick Walkosz. 

“And he put it in 4 wheel and he just kept spinning and spinning,” his wife added. 

FOX 46 also spoke with another woman in the nearby Cedar Park Estates neighborhood. Her car ended up stuck when she tried to make it to work Thursday morning.

“As you turn into this street it kind of pulled me in to the side of the road, I couldn't reverse I couldn't go forward it was just stuck in a little hole,” she said. She says she went home after that.

“You have to make a wise decision. Work is important but your life is definitely worth a whole lot more,” she said. 

FOX 46 Charlotte saw NCDOT crews out scraping lower Rocky River Rd. and adding brine late Thursday morning.

We found out lower Rocky River Rd. was not on the list of roads to be pre-treated before a snow and ice storm because the dot says it hasn't been a problem area in the past, but now that’s changing. NCDOT is adding the road to the pre-treatment list following this week’s issues. 

For kids in Huntersville, another day out of school meant another day sledding down hills. 

The conditions were even better on Thursday as ice started to set in. 

“The snow isn’t as soft so you can go faster,” one student told FOX 46. 

“Yesterday it was kind of cold so it wasn’t as fun but today the sun is out so it’s a lot more fun to sled. 
It doesn’t snow often so when it’s like this and deep it’s fun because there’s a lot of snow on the ground which makes for more sledding and more fun outside time in snow,” said another. 

Meanwhile, public works crews, determined to make city street's safer as snow on some side streets turning to slush creating a mess in certain spots.

“We currently have seven plows on the road and are using rock salt and brine to de-ice,” said Steve Robbins with Huntersville Public Safety. “Although there is sig melting going on we are concerned with patches of ice still on road and water thawing will refreeze overnight so we anticipate conditions will be bad again tomorrow morning.” 

Warnings are still in place for folks to stay off the roads across Charlotte as well while crews work to clear them. 

"This has been a pretty extraordinary event for our state,” Governor Cooper said during a press conference today, 

State Highway Patrol says they investigated 2697 collisions and 4223 calls for service during the storm.  
Governor Roy Cooper says the number of injuries and fatalities have remained low because people have listened and stayed home.

"Even though it may be perfectly safe on the interstate and the main roads, getting to those is difficult and getting out of neighborhoods and communities is difficult because of the secondary roads,” Gov. Cooper said. 

Kelly Hunt said he could tell which main roads had been pre-treated but neighborhoods he's driven through are still hard to get through.

"The side roads are a little choppy you know there's some spots and the neighborhoods there's some really rough spots,” Kelly said.  

NCDOT says they have started clearing secondary roads but getting them all clear could take a while but the warmer temperatures during the day were helping them out. 

"I feel like it's going just clear up tomorrow. I mean it's still cold but the sun is just going come out and melt it all,” said Elijah Sinclair who lives in Plaza Midwood. 

Charlotte Cadieuz is a cyclist and says she stuck to the main roads as much as possible. 

"Definitely a lot of driveways are still iced over, sidewalks have ice on them. I was in Dilworth and I saw the snow melting in some areas but in general it didn't look like they'd been cleared,” Charlotte said. 

As always, drivers are urged to use caution, but especially throughout the early morning hours on Friday when ice is more likely.