'Kids have been shot.' 911 calls released in deadly shooting at Concord Mills mall

Authorities have released the 911 calls in connection to a shooting that killed a 13-year-old girl and injured two others this past weekend at Concord Mills mall. 

Cabarrus County Emergency Services: Cabarrus County 911

Caller: [inaubale]

Cabarrus County Emergency Services: 911, hello? 

Caller: Hi, yes sir, we have a shooting at Concord Mills Mall. We have kids that have been shot outside. 

Cabarrus County Emergency Services: How many patients do you have? 

Caller: I have one I know has been shot in the arm right now. It's right outside Dave and Buster's. Outside Dave and Buster's. 

Cabarrus County Emergency Services: Alright. Stay on the line with me ma'am. Stay on the line with me. 

Caller: [inaubale] I'm trying to cover his arm with a towel. 

Cabarrus County Emergency Services: Alright. Where are you at, at the mall? 

Caller: I'm at Dave and Buster's. I'm right at the entrance to Dave and Buster's in the parking lot. 

Cabarrus County Emergency Services: Alright. Is it just one person that has been shot? 

Caller: Yes, there's just one person that I see right now that has been hurt. 

Cabarrus County Emergency Services: Alright. And he's been shot in the arm? 

Caller: Yes, and there's another one outside that's been shot in the parking lot. 


The deadly shooting broke out around 8:40 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 28 outside Concord Mills mall. Officers with the Concord Police Department and deputies with the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Department were called for reports of a fight near the entrance of Dave and Buster's.

As emergency crews got to the scene, they located Aveanna Propst, 13, suffering from a gunshot wound in the parking lot. Propst passed away at the scene as a result of her injuries. Two other teens, both under 16 years old, suffered non-life threatening gunshot wounds and were treated at local hospitals.

Statement from Dave and Buster's released to FOX 46 this week: 

"We are deeply saddened by the tragic shooting at Concord Mills Mall. Our thoughts are with the victims, their families and our team members. We will continue to fully cooperate with authorities as they proceed with their investigation." 

Propst was a student at A.C.E. Academy in Harrisburg. The school released a statement Sunday, describing Propst as a popular and well-known student. 


"She's a baby, she's 13-years-old. This is hard to process, accept, or even understand. We support our families in and out of school and anytime one of our children suffer, we all suffer. We will support Aveanna's family for as long as it takes to get through these painful, unimaginable times."

Anyone with information is asked to call the Concord Police Department at 704-920-5000, the Cabarrus County Crime Stoppers at 704- 93-CRIME or 911.