Kids sent running during shootout near apartment complex playground

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Two teenagers were arrested for a shooting at a Fort Mill apartment complex that left two other teens injured.

Police say there were children playing on a playground and in the parking lot of the apartment complex when shots were fired, leaving some parents worried about the violence.

“We don't need this type of action going on in this type of community. It's scary,” said Mark Waller, a parent whose family lives at the apartment complex. 

The sound of gunshots pierced the quiet of the Fort Mill neighborhood. 

“It was a lot. It was a lot like it was a machine gun,” Nanika Green, another parent, told FOX 46. 

Witnesses say kids were dodging bullets. 

“When I walked outside there were kids probably six, seven, eight years old playing took off running behind another friend’s house, just terrified,” Waller said.

Parents at Forest Ridge Apartments feared the worst. 

“Very close right outside my door. My son could have gotten in the crossfire of that if he would have took out the trash,” said Green. 

Police say it's unclear why the teens picked this place to meet up Wednesday night. None of them live in the complex, but investigators say the apartments were a planned meeting spot and for whatever reason--with children playing nearby--the teenagers started firing at one another.

Two boys, a 16 and 17-year-old, were hit and injured in the shootout. 

“My daughter she's only ten and she was sitting in front of TV, so luckily the shots didn't come through the window,” Waller said. 

Police arrested 17-year-old Darrian Parker and charged him with attempted murder. Another 17-year-old was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm. His name is not being released at this time. 

Police say more young people could be charged in the case. 

“I think it goes back to parents not being around to help the kids and be part of their lives if you just have kids that do what they want you're going to have violence that turns into this,” said Waller. 

Another neighbor says police need more patrols and the apartment complex needs to do a better job making sure people who don't live there don't come to hang out and cause problems. 

“I just feel very uncomfortable living over here because this is not the first time something always going on over here,” Green said. 

Police say the teens who were shot were taken to CMC Main. They don't have an update on their current condition. 

Bond has been denied for the 17-year-old who was charged as an adult with attempted murder.