Kindergarten teacher Mary Camp gets results for students

FOX 46 Charlotte recognizes teachers who get results in the classroom.

Mary Camp, a kindergarten teacher at Stalling Elementary, brings extirement into the classroom.

"She's creative," said Stallings Principal Laura Gaddy.  "Her children adore her and she brings out the best in everyone."

Camp uses her creativity to positively empower her young students.

"I want them to leave kindergarten saying they love to learn, school is amazing," Camp said.  "I want them to say they want to go back."

Camp has taught for 16 years now and uses Rosie the puppet to help keep her students engaged and eager to learn.

"I do love it all," Camp said.  "But my favorite thing is just the excitement-- because I'm a bubbly, energetic person and they match my excitement level and I can do silly things like working with a puppet-- doing things like that and they rise to the occasion and get giggly with me-- I love that."

Rosie is an absolute hit with the kids.

"Rosie is our class puppet and she thinks she knows everything," Camp said.  "She comes out when we start a new unit-- and she tells us facts about them-- but the facts are always wrong.  So Rosie has to learn throughout the week and we teach her at the end of the week-- and then she comes back and realizes she didn't know anything and shares her new knowledge with us."

Camp never does the same thing twice.

"When I walk in, I never know what I'm going to see," said Gaddy.  "Because she never does the same thing to teach the same things year after year.  She's always thinking of new ideas and strategies and things to try."

It's easy to see just how much she cares for her children each and every day.

"When the kids get hugs and get excited and their parents tell me, 'my child wants to come to school,' I know I am doing something right," Camp said.