Lake Arbor apartment complex appeals code enforcement violations

The Lake Arbor apartment complex is now appealing a ruling that would've started to fine the owner tens of thousands of dollars for code enforcement violations. 

FOX 46 obtained a 10-page civil summons that basically says Lake Arbor is taking the city to court. after the city tried to issue fines for failure to fix code violations.

We first uncovered disturbing living conditions at the Lake Arbor Apartments in 2018. Following our stories, Charlotte code enforcement in an unprecedented move inspected every apartment on the property.

Violations were found at every apartment of the nearly 300 complex.
The landlord's appeal says they haven't been given a reasonable amount of time to fix the mess. One resident FOX 46 spoke to tonight says these issues have been going on for years.

"I think every excuse was used and now they're still giving excuse after excuse and I think it's just time for the excuses to stop and I think it's time for them to pay their fines, fix the property and let us live a life."

Lake Arbor has yet to pay any fines to the city. They believe they can have all tenant occupied units fixed by the end of May.

FOX 46 has been trying to get an interview with Lake Arbor's attorneys for over a month now. We're still awaiting an official response.

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