Lake Arbor apartment residents left without power for hours

Residents at a west Charlotte apartment complex are frustrated once again after they were left in the dark for hours. 

Duke Energy officials say power should be back on at the troubled Lake Arbor apartments in west Charlotte.

This afternoon, crews contracted to work on the sewage system say they accidentally cut a power line, affecting more than 200 apartments. Duke Energy then had to repair it.

"It's something over here every single day. Either it's plumbing, lights, water and the sad thing is the apartment complex doesn't let you know, you have to find out information for yourself," one resident told FOX 46.

While today's problem is not the fault of management FOX 46 has uncovered countless issues at the complex over the past six months.

"We have mold, bugs, rats, that's what we've been dealing with a lot," said another. "It's depressing. It just keeps me down every time I think about it."

The attorney general's office has an active investigation into apartment management.