Lake Arbor apartments operating under revoked business license

A FOX 46 investigation discovered the troubled Lake Arbor Apartments in west Charlotte had its business license revoked by the North Carolina Secretary of State in 2016.

The complex was registered as Lake Arbor Dean TIC LLC and Lake Arbor 80M TIC LLC but both entities were revoked after failing to file annual reports, according to a S.O.S. spokesperson.

"It means it's sloppily run," real estate attorney Ralph McMillan said.

Lake Arbor has a lengthy list of code enforcement violations -- CMPD and Charlotte Fire served citations to the "head of construction and remodeling" on Thursday.

Mold, water leaks, electrical issues, roaches, rodents and many more issues plague the complex.

McMillan said Lake Arbor's failure to be registered as an official business sets them up for legal trouble.

"For the tenants...they could have some claims against the owner of this apartment complex...they might be able to get free rent because if the property is deemed uninhabitable, then under North Carolina law you can get a reduction in rent," McMillian said.

McMillan said it's extremely rare to see an apartment complex operating without LLC protections.

"This is not what a sophisticated business would do," he said.

Current leases for tenants still show Lake Arbor Dean TIC LLC and Lake Arbor 80M TIC LLC as the active party -- even though, legally, they have not been LLC's in North Carolina since '16.

"Somebody could say that look, we signed a lease with the LLC, the LLC doesn't exist, therefore the lease is void," he said. "You can argue that."

When it comes to suing for damages, McMillan said ownership of the property will be liable.

FOX 46 uncovered the name "Robert Wolf" listed as the manager of the former LLC's.

Anthony Jones and his fiance run A.C. Movers and Cleaners. They were hired to clean trash around Lake Arbor and in the apartments that people move out of. Their work stopped when they stopped getting paid.

"I don't care what happens to them," Jones said. "I just want my money."

Invoices point to Lake Arbor owing Jones' business, roughly, $15,000. 

Management on site at Lake Arbor has repeatedly declined comment. Broad Management, which runs the complex, has repeatedly declined comment. Belmar Construction, LLC owns the property and has repeatedly declined comment.