Lake Arbor heads to housing appeals board for violations

Lake Arbor Apartment will go before the city of Charlotte's Housing Appeals Board on Tuesday, Feb. 12 at 1 p.m.

Lake Arbor has appealed all housing code violations that were found following a FOX 46 Charlotte investigation that led to Charlotte Code Enforcement inspecting all units on the property.

The nearly 300-unit apartment complex in west Charlotte has been under the microscope for conditions ranging from water leaks to rodent infestations.

Mold is a concern for many tenants but the city does not classify mold as a violation.

A number of tenants and community organizers are expected to be at the appeals meeting. It was scheduled to take place at Old City Hall but the city moved the meeting across the street to the second floor of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center in anticipation of a large crowd.

The board can assess civil penalties, if it chooses to, according to Mayor Vi Lyles. 

Lake Arbor told the city all units would be repaired of violations by the end of 2018 as part of a corrective action plan. The city said that deadline has not been met.

130 units have been brought into compliance and there are 193 open cases, according to Charlotte code enforcement's Ben Krise.

Lake Arbor has continuously declined comment with FOX 46. City leaders said it's been a struggle for them to get in contact with ownership.

"After nine months of trying to find someone to put a face to the owner I finally found the representative," Mayor Lyles said.

Lyles said attorney Scott Brown with Gunster Law Firm, based in Florida, wants to plan a meeting with her.

"He's asked that I be in the meeting and the [city] manager be in the meeting," Lyles said.

Lyles said she would like city council member LaWana Mayfield to be in the meeting, too. Councilman Braxton Winston asked to be included, as well.

A spokesperson for the Mayor said "the ball is in [Brown's] park," as to when a meeting will take place.

FOX 46 reached out to Brown with a series of questions and he has not returned a response.

"I feel like we've been at this nine months and one phone call saying, 'I'd like to meet with you,' doesn't make any difference to me," Lyles said. "I'm not really concerned about him meeting with me as much as I am him meeting with the residents who live there."

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