Lake Arbor residents unexpectedly locked out of apartments

A number of Lake Arbor residents told FOX 46 they were unexpectedly kicked out of their apartments on Monday.

"It's really frustrating because I have two grandkids," tenant Lavonda Hamilton said.

Hamilton was given a letter from Lake Arbor's attorney on June 26 that said the "landlord does not intend to extend your lease on a month-to-month basis."

Hamilton, and others, for no-given reason, were instructed to vacate the property by July 31. If they did not vacate, eviction filings would start on August 1.

Then, unexpectedly, some were kicked out of their units on Monday with more than two weeks to go before that deadline.

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"People were running out of their apartments with what little clothes they have," tenant Jasmine Johnson said.

Lake Arbor has been at the center of a FOX 46 investigation. The North Carolina Justice Center has filed a class-action lawsuit against management, the North Carolina Attorney General's Office is investigating and City of Charlotte Code Enforcement, in an unprecedented move, inspected every unit on the property, leading to violations in all units.

There are nearly 300 units on the property.

City officials told FOX 46 that, nearly one year after the inspections, nearly half of the apartments are still out of compliance.

The Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office said it executed nine eviction notices on Monday, but it's unclear who those evictions were given to. 

Hamilton and Johnson both have letters that said eviction filings would only happen if they didn't vacate by the end of the month.

"Like I said, we would've been prepared two weeks from now," Hamilton said. "We [were] getting prepared."

FOX 46 reached out to Lake Arbor's attorney Erik Rosenwood for comment on Monday. FOX 46 has not heard back.