Lake Norman Fire department holds annual fundraiser in honor of Capt. Bradley Long

Born to be bad?

"No, no, no, that's a different part of the biker culture," Bob Archer said.

Actually, more like born to give back.

"Bikers will step up in a heart beat to ride for a cause to give back to the community, to give back to a family," Sherrie Clark said.

Lake Norman Fire Department held their annual Run, Ride and Rhythm fundraiser in honor of Captain Bradley Long.

“For years and years all he wanted to do was be a firefighter, give back and it's what he did," Captain Long’s Sister Amy Schearer said.

"It was a terrible loss but i think we are able as a community to take a terrible loss and make something good out of it," said Clark.

Fire departments from the area, woke up bright an early and started the day with a 5-k in their gear and carrying the American flag.

Celebrating captain long's commitment to serve others.

"Bradley was a great guy, had a big heart. Whenever we had anything going on he was always at our district to help us out or any of the neighboring districts as well. So in that spirit we started the memorial fund over there," Lake Norman Fire Department Deputy Chief Kevin Clark said.

Later others joined the bike ride portion of the event.  The ride is about 3 hours long and not only are they keeping the memory of Captain Bradley Long alive, they are also helping future firemen.

“The memorial fund is actually going to reach and possibly do scholarships or tuition assistance or whatever for up and coming firemen and their junior firefighter program," Deputy Chief Clark said.

The Long family, thankful for the community's support and grateful they can continue Bradley’s work.

"It means a lot to us that we can feel we can give back in honor of him because we know that's what we would have wanted," Schearer said.

While Captain Long is no longer with us, his family knows the firefighter brotherhood will always be there for them.

"They are always there. Any time we need anything, call the fire department they are there. They are there for us, we are there for them, and we support them 100 percent. We know that and we know they are there for us," Schearer said.