Lake Wylie neighbors prepare for Florence's impact

Homes with a history of flooding along Lake Wylie have homeowners preparing for Hurricane Florence.

"It's just whatever Mother Nature brings us I guess," said Resident Phil Barefoot.

He's no stranger to the rain.

"About six weeks ago, the water got to the edge of the porch," said Barefoot.

His house has a history of high waters, and now Florence could flood his home once again.  In 2004, he raised his home-- but even that doesn't keep it from flooding the ground floor.

"The water comes from all sides," said Barefoot.  "It will be six to seven feet deep in the road.  The hardest part of it all is riding it out without power."

Phil already started packing up his tools and putting them in enclosed trailers-- as well as moving things off the bottom floor to the top.

"The rebuilding is hard," said Barefoot.  "All the neighbors usually pull together.  We've stayed in neighbors houses here and there."

And as Florence nears, all these residents can do is wait and hope their neighbors, their homes and their stuff stays safe.

"God willing, everyone stays safe in this storm," said Barefoot.