Lancaster County considers legal action over private road used by thousands in need of repairs

FOX 46 has learned that Lancaster County leaders are working with an attorney to find out what options they have in acquiring a private road that is used by thousands every day.

FOX 46 first told you Wednesday that more private road signs have gone up along Regent Parkway in Indian Land.

Council Member Brian Carnes, who represents Indian Land, says this is the second time in a matter of years that county leaders have worked with an attorney to find out the best options to possibly take over the road.

“Lancaster County has not stepped up," said homeowner, Tom Noyes, who lived in a subdivision where the only entrance and exit is along Regent Parkway.


Signs telling drivers to proceed at their own risk popped up this year. FOX 46 has learned a three-page letter was sent to the Lancaster County Attorney on May 19, 2017 offering to gift the road to the county. The county responded about a week later, declining to take over ownership of the road. The private developer then threatened to shut down the road.

Nearly three years later the road remains open, but is still privately owned. Carnes tells FOX 46 now that more signs warning drivers have gone up, the Lancaster County attorney has been asked to get involved again.

The attorney representing the private developer declined to comment at this time, saying the county has already reached out in hopes of taking over the road. He says there is a possibility negotiations could start soon.

“With all the homes on both sides here. We are in Lancaster County and paying the taxes, but we are getting nothing for it,” said Noyes.

Neighbors tell FOX 46 the battle has gone on for years because the road is starting to deteriorate, so the developer and county can’t come to an agreement on who should pay for repairs.