Lane addition to I-77N ramp at Cornelius exit to help alleviate traffic jams

The Town of Cornelius and NCDOT announced they plan to start work this weekend on opening up the Exit 28 on ramp to I-77 northbound, and adding a second lane to move traffic along on West Catawba Ave.

Many people already call the area a confusing intersection 

"You go south, but on the left side, kind of confusing," Kevin Hernandez said.

More construction is not what they want to hear.

"You sit up here at this exit every morning and afternoon 3 o'clock, every morning till 9. And you don't move," Robert Gochnaeur said.

"Nothing they've done has helped. It just creates more congestion and the congestion gets different," Morgan Smith explained.

FOX 46 Charlotte drove the diverging diamond interchange and there is only one turning lane into the on-ramp. The plan is to eventually make the middle lane have the option to turn left and/or go straight

"Getting on the interstate isn't so much an issue as it is going where you want to go with all the traffic," Allen Barnett said.

The hope is that a second turning lane will help move more drivers off the West Catawba bridge quicker, giving way to others traveling eastbound. People in the area aren't hopeful.

The diverging diamond interchange was put in two years ago to solve the traffic issue.

"Right here on the 28 bridge that seem to help some but for a while there it just messed everything up and now it's congested again," Smith said.

"Maybe in the process of the construction it makes it a little bit more complicated, but you know at the end, when you get your result, it may help a little bit more," Hernandez said.

Please note the following concerning the construction schedule:

  • Construction will begin on Sunday, September 11 at 9:00 PM. At this time, the eastbound on-ramp lane will be closed and will reopen by 6:00 AM, Monday, September 12.
  • Beginning at 9:00 PM on Saturday evening, September 24, the entire on-ramp will be closed and only one eastbound lane on the bridge will be open. All of these areas will reopen by 12:00 PM Sunday, September 25.
  • Beginning at 9:00 PM on Monday evening, September 26, the entire on-ramp will be closed and only one eastbound lane on the bridge will be open. All of these areas will reopen by 6:00 AM Tuesday, September 27.

The above schedule is weather dependent and may need to be adjusted. Please adjust your driving and commuting plans as necessary and allow for extra travel time.