Late night crook caught on camera in man's home

A Mount Holly man woke up to a robber in his room, rummaging through his bedside table.

What the suspects may not know, though, is that they were caught walking through the neighborhood on two different cameras.

It was around 3 a.m. Monday morning, when Matthew Ring woke up in a daze to someone going through his stuff.

"And then I kind of scanned my eyes and saw a silhouette of a person-- an intruder that wasn't supposed to be there," said Ring.

The suspect got away with car keys, a wallet, some cash and two cell phones.

"I jumped up and yelled at them and took off running," said Ring.  "And they took off running and I got to the garage door and they were gone."

Just minutes prior, though, one of the suspects is seen strolling through the neighborhood on a neighbor's ring camera.

"We are all on the look-out and are being proactive," said Neighbor Kathy Paranzino.

In the moment, Matthew didn't think twice about bolting after the brazen thieves.

"I didn't even think about it," he said.  "I yelled and took off, but when I got back-- it was rattling to know someone was standing over me for so much time."

Neighbors say their street is usually safe and believe this was likely a crime of opportunity.

"It appeared they saw the garage door open and saw it as an opportunity," said Paranzino.

"Our garage door didn't come down properly," said Ring.  "I don't think they'd come busting in the doors or anything like that."

The neighborhood is just glad no one was harmed.

"I'm glad everyone is safe and no one else was here or harmed," said Ring.  "And I felt very fortunate he didn't have violent intents and was there for monetary things."