Latin American Coalition of Charlotte reacts to President Trump's executive orders on immigration

President Trump recently signed executive orders about changes to U.S. immigration law and that has the Charlotte immigration community on edge. The Latin American Coalition of Charlotte says this sets a dangerous precedent for many that are seeking sanctuary but aren't surprise by the move.

The Latin American Coalition Executive Director Jose Fernandez Paris fears these executive orders could change how local law enforcement deal with immigrants.

"For what we could tell, there is more requirement of local enforcement. Until now, a lot of the communities have decided through their elected officials if they were going to be immigrant friendly or more anti-immigrant within their own communities. This pretty much requires every community to be an anti-immigrant community,"

Some Mecklenburg County Officials say they are happy to see trump follow through on his campaign promises

"You cannot be a sovereign country if you don't have borders. At some point you have to secure your borders. How that's done over ultimately I don't completely know but I am glad that he is saying that is a priority to this county," Mecklenburg County Commissioner Jim Puckett said.

Puckett states Charlotte isn't planning on becoming a sanctuary city for new immigrants.

"We are also not like a San Francisco which is inviting illegal aliens and saying ‘come here and we will protect you.’ There is a difference between being protective and aggressively going after," Puckett said.

Others see these orders causing ripple effects on children's education.

"If there is fear of students being detained, it will cause a tremendous impact in our community because we will have hundreds of thousands of children not going to school,” Hernandez Paris said.

The Latin American Coalition says the White House proposals to put tariffs on Mexican goods in order to pay for the wall could also impact the American economy drastically.

"I don't think people are considering their own pockets, our economy and the fact that we can reenter an economic depression but not just within the united states but globally," Hernandez Paris said