Layla the pit bull heading to Maine to find forever home

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A pit bull is headed to a new shelter in Maine after a video of her being abused went viral.

The incident happened back in April when a bystander captured cell phone video of what appeared to be a man hitting a dog with a belt. 

Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control and Care was notified of the incident and launched an investigation. The shelter was able to get the owner to legally sign over ownership rights of Layla.

AC&C arrested and charged Charles Davidson with animal cruelty. He was ordered to pay court cost and is not allowed to own or have possession of any canines for 6 months, according to AC&C. His next court appearance is February 2016.

Layla had no wounds but showed submissive behavior towards other dogs while staying at AC&C. The shelter has found a new shelter that can help Layla in finding a forever home. She heads to Maine on Wednesday September 9th.

Remember, if you see a violation such as animal cruelty, you can call 311 to anonymously report the incident. For more information on Charlotte-Mecklenbug Ordinance Laws, visit the CMPD Animal Care and Control website.