'Less really is more': Couple sells their home, belongings to see the world

"So this is our only home base," Lauren Davenport explained.             

Their Saint Pete, Florida marketing company is the only constant for this couple. 

"Antiguas is next, we are headed there on Saturday. New York first and then Antigua and then Texas," Davenport said. 

The couple lives on the move and minimally. 

"We sold everything we own and hit the road so we live in Airbnbs and hotels and two suitcases," Davenport said. 

Lauren Davenport and Danny Fernandez's journey into minimalism started when they saw a documentary about it, and were inspired to get rid of things they didn't use. 

"We started slowly getting rid of things, things in the kitchen. My obnoxious amount of shoes, just started letting things go and when I did it felt incredible,"  Davenport said.          

Minimalism is defined as extreme spareness and simplicity, and the couple immediately found that for them  - less stuff created more meaning.