LGBT friendly church receiving outpouring of support after vandalism

Co-pastor Chris Ayers was smiling easier Friday, despite a homophobic slur being sprayed painted on the LGBT friendly church earlier in the week. 

"There's no more room for anymore love. I am just saturated with love. The church is saturated with love," Ayers said.  

The response Ayers and his church has received has come from coast to coast.

"We've heard from people from Maryland offering to fly down to paint the door. I heard from people from California and our Gofundme goal was made in one day," Ayers said. 

The goal of $5,000 easily met and the group Deplorable Pride offering a $500 reward for information about who vandalized the church. 

"This world is filled with incredible people," Ayers said.  

Ayers adds that although the vandalism that happened to his building doesn't compare to the daily vandalism of that community receives, the message he has for those responsible is one of education.

"I used to be a homophobic heterosexual and it was through the experience of meeting some incredible LGBT people that I had to change my mind. Since then, I have met some of the most incredible people and I would invite them to do the same thing," Ayers said.