Lights back on in Mint Hill days after winter storm knocked out power

Thousands of Duke Energy customers are in the dark. One neighborhood in Mint Hill just got its power back on after three days.

Crews cleared trees and limbs off power lines on David Drive Wednesday.

"The trees have come from outside the right-of-way. They're big trees, they're old. They couldn't handle with all the rain, the ground saturated, with the wind and ice, pulled them over," said Arnold Turner with Utility Lines Construction Services - a contractor for Duke Energy.

He says he and his crew have been working 12 to 16 hours a day since Sunday morning to get the power back on.

"Looks like we're getting on the downhill slide. They still have a lot of crews here, bringing in folks who weren't impacted by the storm."

Turner says his crew has been dealing with the outages firsthand.

"You said one of your own guys has power off at his house."

"He's been off since Sunday, but he has to still come to work. It's kind of bad, you're in the cold weather and you don't have power at home to get warm before you have to get back the next morning. It affects us too. We understand customers being out of power, especially in the cold temperatures."

Neighbors on David Drive say they also lost power during Hurricane Florence.

"When the hurricane hit, a tree fell down two houses down. We were without power for 3-4 days," said Rachel Steele.

It's so cold one of her neighbors had to stay at a family member's house. The temperature inside the home was 42 degrees.

"Frustrated. You can't get away from the cold. It's supposed to be Christmastime. You're supposed to be happy and enjoying it, lights on the tree, lights outside. You can't do any of that. We had a little bit of snow and it puts you out for three days," said Steele.