Lincoln Co. gas station caught in heat of storm, nearby drivers take cover

Video from inside the Citgo gas station on Highway 18 shows the glass door shattered and families running inside to take cover inside as a violent storm blew overhead.

"I honestly thought someone was gonna get hurt the way things were flying out here. It was hectic. A lot of people showed up and just ran inside,” said a man who was there.

Businesses along Highway 18 were ripped apart by the Monday afternoon storms that rolled through our area. People wasted no time cleaning up the tin roofs and nail ridden boards that were scattered by the storm.

"What kind of things were flying around?” FOX 46’s Jenyne Donaldson asked.

“Metal tin, trashcans, branches, boards, pumpkins, flowers, whatever was out here,”

The street Tracy Wilson lives on blocked by downed trees. He says he's seen tornado's before but this was the worst.

"It started blowing real hard, real hard and then it started hailing, and then the wind got to picking up and the next thing you know you seen trees blowing down everywhere. And you could hear the roar like they say a train you could hear it," Wilson says.

He will spend the night rounding up his animals and assessing the damage. 

"I've got to them up. They're out because the barn blew over up there and the fence is gone because it was attached to it.  I don't really know how much damage I have, it shifted a building like I say and it ripped the power out of the ground around there when a big tree fell over so, I don't know how much damage I've got. It sucked the water plum out of the pool.

As crews work to cleanup, Catawba and Lincoln counties report no one was injured.