Lincoln County slick from ice and snow

LINCOLN COUNTY - The winter storm is keeping many people in Lincolnton home.

Sleet and snow have coated the roads in the area.

Although road crews have been out scraping streets, the roads are still slick.

The residents who chose to stay home found their nearest hill and broke out their sleds.

"My husband and my three kids. We are out of school today, we were excited so we decided to come out and go sledding," said Abby Hendricks who was sledding in the snow.

Hendricks watched traffic as her family sledded down a snow-covered street.

"We come out here every year," she said.

Lincolnton Police appreciate people staying home, instead of driving around town. They ask anyone who needs to go out to be careful.

"Just make sure you allow for plenty of stopping distance for traffic in front of you, if you are trying to slow down," said SGT Spencer Summers with Lincolnton Police.   "Just observe the rules of the road, be smart and be safe."

Police are being careful, too, and trying to stay out of the cold as much as possible. 

"We don't want to be a hazard, as well. The weather affects us. We want to be smart in the way we patrol and the way we respond to calls," Summers said. "If we have to go out, we will. We try to stay local and centralized."

Lincolnton Police say they haven't been called to respond to any wrecks in the city today. They say that's proof people chose to stay home.