Little pig rescued in Belmont looking for permanent home

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An update on one little piggy that was once on the run in a Belmont neighborhood.

Gwennie, also known as the Southpoint Pig, was finally captured last weekend.

Today, FOX 46 got to visit her and talk to one of the people involved in getting results to get her rescued and find a forever home.

"She's a sweet little thing," said Lil House of Piggies Rescue Founder Donna Clendenin.

It was just a week ago that FOX 46 told you about the babe on the run in a wooded area of Belmont.

"Anything could happen out there," said Clendenin. "There are dogs, predators-- they have coyotes. There's a hunting club down the road from them."

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Rescuers believe Miss Piggy was abandoned by her owners.

"They get these poor things and don’t realize what they're getting into-- they don't do research and think they're like cats and dogs," Clendenin said. "And they are similar, but way more difficult and complex."

Belmont residents spent day after day trying to get the precious piglet to safety.

"She was scared and was running all around," Clendenin said.

It took a group effort Saturday that lasted about two hours to finally lure the pig in and catch her.

Gwennie is now at Lil House of Piggies in the Denver area.

The founder of the rescue organization urges people to do their research before purchasing a piglet.

"Contact a pig rescue," she said. "Go out and volunteer or just see how they act-- what to expect.. the pros and cons -- the good, the bad and the ugly."

As for Gwennie, she's still looking for a place to permanently call home.

If you're interested in adopting her, you can contact Lil House of Piggies on Facebook by clicking here.