Loaded handgun found in Walmart shopping cart

According to cmpd a loaded glock 17 9 millimeter hand gun was found in a shopping cart here at this walmart. The employee who found it immediately turned it in and customers are thankful it didn't fall into the wrong hands. 

I mean I just don't even have too many words to say. I'm so amazed you know, especially being a parent, I mean you want the best. I mean, you think going to a store you wouldn't expect a shopping cart to have a loaded gun in it."

"It's very shocking and very irresponsible."

A loaded 9 millimeter handgun found in a shopping cart in a walmart parking lot.

"Honestly at this time of the year you would think that somebody would be more careful with their weaponry. But to have a loaded gun even anywhere even near a WalMart is alarming especially in the climate that we're in when gun control is a little out of control."

An Employee Discovered The Weapon Thursday Around 1:30 In The Afternoon At The Store On Galleria Boulevard.

"There are good people around still who kind of really know and do the right thing but not everybody's like that which really kind of scares me."

Customers tell fox46 they're glad no one was injured. 

"Thank God that no one was hurt and it didn't get into the wrong people's hands or kids hands."

"A lot of times I do tell my children to go get the cart and if they had saw it and thought it was a toy. I mean, my kids know a little bit better but some don't and they may have reached into the cart to throw it in the trash can and it might've shot a child.

They Say Incidents Like This Puts Them On High Alert.

"It helps you keep aware of your surroundings even more."

"It makes me now more aware as a parent of safety things that maybe I didn't even think about, that perhaps I need to be more vigilant in watching everything my child does now when I come into store such as WalMart or anywhere."