Local 18-year-old battling chronic kidney disease needs transplant

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FOX 46 is hoping to get results for a local 18-year-old who has battled chronic kidney disease since birth.

You may just be the match Isaac Brown needs to change his life.

Brown is an active, smart, involved young man who doesn't let his battle with chronic kidney disease hinder his capabilities.

He was extremely involved in clubs at Myers Park high school, and graduated as an honors student.

"I'm currently on dialysis," he said.  "I've been on it for two and a half years now since my sophomore year of high school. I'm currently looking for a donor for a transplant."

The recent Myers Park graduate began his kidney and bladder battle before birth.

"It's definitely been a challenge. I​​saac has been dealing with kidney disease since he was in utero," said Isaac's Mother, Jamie Brown.

"When I want to travel or go out of town, I have to find a dialysis center in the area I'm in. It's just been a part of my life," Issac said.

When Isaac was just four years old, he underwent surgery for a kidney transplant. The donor was his dad.

"I remember lying in the bed and I saw my dad next to me," he said.

In the last few years, his kidney function has steadily declined. He goes for dialysis treatments at least three times a week. Each visit takes about four hours.

"Usually after treatment, you just feel exhausted or drained, because of the amount of blood they're pulling out to do the job the kidney normally does," Issac said. 

"You feel hopeless sometimes that you can't resolve the problem or issue for your child," said Jamie.

Isaac has a "B Positive" blood type.  He needs a donor who is either "B" or "O."

"It would feel amazing," he said.

"He's living life to the fullest, but having a donor would take away restrictions as far as his life goes," his mom said.

Finding that donor, that perfect match, would completely change Isaac's life.

"It would give me more freedom," he said. "I could travel without having to worry about dialysis and I would have more energy throughout the day. I wouldn't have to go to the hospital every day."

"It would be phenomenal. It would be hard to put into words. It's an amazing gesture to be able to want to donate," said Jaime. 

Isaac is part of the 'Teen Advisory Council' at Levine Children's Hospital. The group helps sick kids feel more comfortable during their stay. 

Isaac says his battle has made him realize he would like to do something with medicine and giving back to other young people dealing with chronic issues.

If you think you can help, contact lindsay.clein@foxtv.com. For more information on transplants, click here