Local Agencies Working Overtime to Keep Panthers' Fans Safe

Preparations start now, especially for Medic, as they formulate their plan to keep fans safe at the big playoff game Sunday.

Michael Stanford, Medic Supervisor of Special Operations said, "We look historically at how past Panthers games have been handled.”

Medic is stocking their trucks now, and mapping out the areas where they know they will need to be come Sunday. Stanford said, “It's the footprint of areas in addition to the stadium, so much has changed Uptown, cramped parking garages, tight spaces.”

Additional staff means additional funds, for Medic and other agencies like CMPD who beef up their staff too. The last time CMPD dealt with an overtime situation like the upcoming playoff game, was the last home playoff game on January 3rd 2015. According to CMPD "All the officers inside the stadium are paid by the Panthers. All the traffic posts and anything else is paid by the city. The city has an agreement with the Panthers.If it goes over a certain amount during the season the city will be reimbursed by the team. Those employed are working secondary employment."

CATS and LYNX also have to prepare for the larger than life crowds, they plan on adding more light rail cars and buses to accommodate people traveling to and from the game.

CATS tell us they plan on operating additional bus services from the Amtrak station on north Tryon for Panthers' fans using Amtrak. And they plan on running three extra service trains every 10 minutes, two hours prior to the start of the game and two hours after the game ends or until our uptown station platforms are clear.