Local animal activists angry over alleged puppy mill

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An alleged puppy mill in Monroe has local activists up in arms and demanding answers.
However, Union County Animal Service officials say they are familiar with the breeder and she’s not breaking any laws.

Lt. Lynn Yow tells FOX 46 his investigation into the breeder began a year ago after a concerned citizen made a complaint. But a social media post shared by several local rescue groups this past weekend now has the breeder under the public microscope.

The alleged puppy mill is tucked away on a rural county road in Monroe. We spoke to several local activists off camera Monday who are trying to get the breeder shut down. 

“Numerous people have contacted animal services and asked several questions in different ways and we can't get satisfactory answers,” said one activist.

Pictures taken by an activist back in November shows several different breeds of dogs being held in kennels on the back side of the property. But when we went there Monday, we found the kennels covered up with tarps and dog bowls stacked up on the porch. The breeder was there but unwilling to talk to FOX 46 on camera. Yow says she is someone animal services is familiar with and has been for a while.

“We have monitored the situation since last January up until today,” Yow said. 

And Yow says not once has he found the dogs living in unlawful conditions.

He said, “They have had what is needed: food, water and shelter. And they were healthy animals.”

That’s, at least, according to Union County ordinances and state statutes, which are the only rule books Yow can legally abide by. But activists beg to differ saying the county and the state both have it within their power to change the laws pertaining to backyard breeders.

“Other states have laws that if dogs are left outside in under 20-degree weather they will be given a $500 fine,” said one activist. “$500 times the 50 dogs that she has out there is going to hurt her pocket book. Something’s got to change.”

Fox 46 spoke briefly to the breeder. She claims that although she does not live on the property she tends to the needs of the dogs daily and has done nothing wrong. She would not, however, allow us to take our cameras behind the tarps.