Local camp builds ramp for woman in need

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A local camp changed a woman’s life by building a ramp on her home so she can get around.

Carolina Cross ccampers completed a ramp today for a woman who recently underwent surgery for arthritis and can't use her stairs.

The project wasn't originally on the camp's agenda, but became a labor of love.

“The Lord just looks after us you know, makes a way,” Brenda Mahadeo.

Mahadeo says she has arthritis. She recently underwent surgery, and now has two plates and screws in her foot.

“I have arthritis in every joint of my body. I’ve had knee replacement, four surgeries on my hands for arthritis,” she said. “It’s just tremendous pain, awful pain.”

She uses a knee scooter to get around, but the stairs have become a problem.

“When I came home I had to literally crawl up the steps and I had to crawl down and crawl back up because I cant put any weight on my foot.”

She was recently supposed to go into rehab, but was turned down by her insurance. With her husband off on a mission trip, she didn't know what to do.

That’s where the team from Carolina Cross Connection Camp comes in.

“This week we have 11 projects going on, so this is just one of them,” a team member told FOX 46.

The group dedicates their time to helping with projects like this one, but they were wrapping up their summer projects until they heard about the situation Mahadeo had found herself in.

“These guys were supposed to close up for the summer, but some mysterious way the lord made a way that they took on this project and decided to build the ramp for me,” she said.

“She keeps saying we’ve blessed her, but her words have blessed us, so for us to see her go down the ramp will be the best feeling ever.”

Nail by nail and drill by drill, the team is getting results by giving the ultimate gift to a woman so deserving.

“Having this ramp built is the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” Mahadeo said.

And for everyone who helped hammer it home, it's one of the best things that ever happened to them, too.

“It’s beautiful. It makes me happy and feel like there’s a lot of hope.”

“I’m so blessed the Lord didn’t let me go into rehab so I could meet these wonderful teenagers and have this ramp built it has been a blessing to me. I love every one of them and God bless them and what they’re doing is the best thing in the world to do,” Mahadeo said.