Local combat veteran putting up flag pole, with or without permission

A disabled war veteran in Rock Hill says he's fighting to get permission to place a flag pole on his front yard.

 Gary Pittman says he did not anticipate a push back for something so patriotic.

The longtime veteran says he was told by the Norwood Ridge HOA that he needs permission to place flag pole outside of his home.

Pittman filled out an application and says it’s almost been a month and he has not heard back. He’s afraid his request might get denied.

Pittman served for 24 years and wants to honorably raise the flag every morning to show patriotism.

“I loved what I did in the Marine Corps and I loved defending and fighting for this country,” he said.

He plans on placing the flag pole with or without HOA permission, but wants to play by the rules first and wait to hear back.

He’s anticipating getting a final answer by August 1st.

Pittman fought in five different combat tours, serving from the time he was 19 to the age of 46.

"You're fighting a war in a foreign land. But you come back home and now, you gotta fight these guys,” he said.

He says fighting for what he believes in is nothing new to him. That's why he's willing to take this issue to court if he has to, doing what ever he can to display his patriotism.