Local company helps non-profit building beds for children without them

A local company is getting results for a non-profit in a big way by helping volunteers who are building beds for kids who don’t have one.

Daniil Grinchak needed a place to store the supplies his non-profit-- Sleep in Heavenly Peace-- uses to build beds for kids in need. Last month, FOX 46 shared his story in the hopes of finding storage space fo him. 

Now, he's getting the results he wanted and more thanks to Commercial Works. 

“I saw your story. I got off the stepper, I sent Ed a text, I sent Tabatha our office manager a text and said 'this is something we need to check this out,'" said Greg Clark, President of Commercial Works.

“I immediately tried to reach out to Daniil to set up a meeting because what he was asking for is exactly what we can offer," said Commercial Works' General Manager Edward Smith. 

Commercial Works is getting results for the non-profit. After one meeting, they decided this partnership would benefit more children across the Queen City. 

"When you think of children sleeping on the floor what better way to step up when you can help. People talk about being the change you want to see in the world," Smith said. And he took action.

"When we met, you said someone might help. I just didn't believe that. I was like 'it probably won't work out," Grinchak said. "This just killed me, because they are doing storage and more than that." 

The non-profit will no longer need to rent trucks to haul tools on build days or pay for storage. Grinchak says that money the all-volunteer based group is saving will go to making sure more children don't have to sleep on the floor. 

“We have the ability to help and anytime you have the ability to help and don't I feel like that's a failure," said Clark.

If you know a child in need of a bed, you can request one here