Local FAA employee, family, struggles during government shutdown

"It's hard not to know when you're going to get paid next."

For Michael Rolph, it's hard to come home after working a full day without a penny to show for it.

"We're about to miss our second paycheck."

The family of three relies on him to put food on the table. He works for the FAA as a Nav Comm Tech at the Charlotte Douglas Airport. He has to show up, even though he's not getting paid.

"Probably not the best thing to be worrying about when I'm worrying about getting planes to land safely."

It's been nerve-wracking for him and his wife Megan.

"Have not been able to pay our mortgage, utilities, phone, internet."

She's been on the phone trying to get relief from bills that keep building up.

"For the past month, people say they can't help us. We would be receiving late fees. I totaled them up and it came to $500. For someone under a tight budget that's not possible."

The only help they've received is for their mortgage. But even that could leave them paying additional interest on their loan.

"When there is relief put in place - like our mortgage - that is set for three months. The moment the shutdown ends, we have until the first of the month to pay the next month and the past three months. If the shutdown ended on the 28th of March we would have just a few days to collect four months mortgage."

The community has been helping Megan and other families affected by the shutdown. She says her friends gathered money and gift cards to help them buy food and gas.

"They put money into my bank account. They sent us a crate of apples and fruit baskets."

Businesses are also pitching in. Pure Pizza is giving free meals to families impacted.

"Makes you feel good to know your community is behind you and you're not alone," said Michael.

Michael, Megan, and their son Grayson are asking for you to help get results for them and other families directly impacted by the shutdown by calling on your representatives and senators to end the shutdown. Click here to find out who represents you in congress.