Local Girl Sings Her Way to CMAs

 For such a young lady, Jaiden Huffman has a big voice. Her family says she was born to perform.

"She was singing before she was crawling," says her father, David.

David says it's remarkable to see her on stage each and every time. "It's special because people see what she does on stage, but we see what she does to get to the stage," he says.

Jaiden says she's always wanted to be a professional singer; more specifically Carrie Underwood. And she's certainly headed in the right direction. She's accomplished a lot with her singing, all while being forced to overcome more than most kids her age. That's because Jaiden has ocular albinism.

 "They told me that I would never be able to drive a car or ride a bike or to see many things," says Jaiden.

At 10 years old, Huffman is already defying odds.  Friday night, Huffman took the stage at the Kings Mountain 'Relay for Life', but she's recently been invited to sing on an even bigger stage.

 "I got the invitation to sing in Nashville, I was like 'oh my God. I did not just get this invitation,'" she says.

As a result of videos posted to her YouTube channel Huffman has been invited to sing at the Country Music Awards Festival in Nashville.

 "Wow. One YouTube video took her to Nashville. One song, so many hits, people sharing it and stuff. That's how it came about," explains David.

 "I wanted people to see me out there and get to know me and see me sing," says Jaiden. Her plan is working. The Huffman family heads to Nashville next week. 

To see more of Jaiden, check out her Facebook page and to help her along the way you can visit her GoFundMe page.