Local karate instructor stops attempted kidnapping

Police are praising a woman for her thinking fast and a karate teacher for fighting off her would-be attacker.

Police say the suspect, August Williams, tried to throw a woman into his truck on Statesville Ave. Thursday night 

Thinking fast, the victim ran into Bushiken Karate nearby. The attacker chased her inside of the studio where he was confronted by instructor Randall Ephraim. 

"He began to go completely wild and belligerent,” Ephriam said. "She was definitely in panic, she was scared to death."

Ephraim stepped up to defend her and his class full of children 

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"He started to swing and punch at me so we got into a little pushing match,” said Ephriam.

Williams left pretty bent out of shape. 

"We got into a little altercation. I escorted him out the door.” 

Police believe he was on cocaine during the fight. 

"He went inside of his truck and started smoking on something,” Ephriam said. 

Officers wrestled Williams outside the studio. 

"They had a bit of a struggle as well." 

He left on a stretcher headed to the hospital. 

Ephriam says he is no hero, but he is happy to teach and defend anyone who walks into his class.

"I was just doing what any responsible citizen would do,” Ephriam said. “This is a place where we educate self-defense and we will open the door to anyone that's willing to come learn.”Police tell FOX 46 the attempted kidnapping wasn't random, but couldn't give specifics on the relationship between the woman and Williams, but we do know he is no stranger to run-ins with the law. He was previously arrested for assault.