Local Leaders asking for transparency from the City of Salisbury after "no-knock" warrant shooting

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Salisbury community leaders say there are inconsistencies in what Salisbury police initially told them and what they see on the autopsy report of Ferguson Laurent Jr.

"The clear discrepancy is the clear account and the autopsy report. It raises disturbing questions regarding the shots fired and who fired the shots," Rev. Patrick Jones of New Zion Missionary Baptist Church said.

The shooting happened back in November when officers went to Laurent's home to serve a 'no knock' search warrant.

Police say Laurent fired a shot at them and that's when one officer returned fire.

These leaders conveying to FOX 46 Charlotte that initially they were told only 2-3 shots were fired but the autopsy report revealed Laurent was shot multiple times.

"the ten shots, we were told 2 or 3 in a meeting, this is not justifiable we fee like, to be honest, we were lied to," Rev. Latasha Wilks of New Zion Missionary Baptist Church said.

A Salisbury City Spokesperson tells FOX 46 Charlotte the city did meet with many of these leaders right after the shooting and gave them preliminary information in "the spirit of truth and transparency." In a statement the city says:

"Initial reports on the day of the shooting were that Mr. Laurent was shot two times by Officer Boehm. After further investigation on the night of the shooting, it was determined that the initial reports on the number of shots were inconclusive."

Many of the clergy in attendance continue to ask questions regarding the “no knock” warrant and if it was necessary for this situation.

"We also have concerns of the no-knock warrant, itself. The search warrant doesn't appear to reflect the necessity for this type of warrant and the manner of force including the number of shots fired from the officer or officers to execute the warrant," Rev. Bradley Taylor of Outreach Christian Ministries said.

All these questions, the city and police say will be answered once the SBI finishes its investigation.

Here is the full statement from the City of Salisbury regarding the case: