Local leaders take part in active shooter training

When it comes to an active shooter situation, preparation is key. That’s why educators, religious leaders, and members of law enforcement are learning what to do if disaster strikes.

When it comes to responding to an active shooter situation, you can never be too prepared.

“Action is always faster than reaction,” Alice Institute Instructor George Hunter said. 

Alice Training Institute is all about taking action. Hunter taught a room full of teachers, members of law enforcement, and religious leaders the difference that action can make.

“This helps save lives,” UNC Charlotte police office Amanda Copley told FOX 46. “It’s a learning opportunity that everybody needs to have.”  

The training took the group through several different scenarios. 

“The first one that he actually put us through was an eye opener,” Copley said. 

The training is hands on and interactive, so those learning can get an actual feel for how to respond.

“They’re actually role playing as persons in the workplace violence or in a school setting, in a place of worship,” said Hunter. 

“Having us experience it is a valuable and helps us understand what doesn’t work and leads to greater deaths versus if we react and respond quickly we can control that situation and survive at a higher rate,” sixth grade teacher Corey Herman said. 

The class empowers those taking part, whether they're in the law enforcement field or not.

“They’re learning that they’re the first responders they’re the ones who need to make something happen to change a scenario,” said Copley. 

Everyone involved in this training says they hope more people take part and learn that by taking action, lives can be saved.

“We’ve got to step up and be active participants in our survival,” Herman said.

“This is what needs to start happening so we can get out there and change dynamics of what is going on out here and save lives,” Copley said. 

The Alice training institute teaches people all over the country how to survive violent critical incidents by taking action and getting ahead of a shooter instead of hiding and sheltering in place.