Local man fishing out bikes, other metal out of Freedom Park lake

A local man is taking up a new hobby called magnet fishing. He’s a novice – but his bounties are racking up.

“The beautiful thing about it is you can stay as long as you want to,” said Mike Arnold while magnet fishing at Freedom Park.

“Whenever you get a tug, what is it, what is it?” said Arnold describing the suspense.

“A lot of times when you get a pretty good piece of metal you can hear it click, your magnet and then when it gets harder to pull you know you’ve got something.  You never know what you’re going to catch, bicycles, fishing poles, knives just different things like that,” said Arnold.

Charlotte was recently inundated with dock-less bikeshare bikes. Hundreds put out as part of a year-long pilot program.

“There’s no telling what all is going to be in there. Kids will throw stuff in there just because they’re kids,” said Jerry King while watching Arnold magnet fish.

But councilman Tariq Bakhari said in a message the companies have lowered their bike counts.

Making Arnold’s hobby even more interesting

“Helping the environment helping the park and making a funny little afternoon,” said Brandy Bryant while walking with her child.

Arnold has only been doing magnet fishing for a few months, and he’s already bought his grandsons their own magnets. As he says, it’s the suspense that keeps him coming back

“You never know what’s out there,” he said.