Local organization offers help, options to victims of violent relationships

It's a story that grabbed national headlines: A woman was severely beaten and raped while being held captive by her boyfriend. FOX 46 decided to look at Charlotte's local hotline for people facing violent relationships.

"It's not necessarily the stories that I remember, it's the faces," said Norman Spencer. He's worked with Safe Alliance for the past 15 years.

"Especially ones where they communicate with you randomly down the road. They're doing well. Their kids are doing well. They've found love, another person, someone who's actually going to support them."

Those are the ones who have made it to the other side, to a safe, healthy life, freed from violent relationships.

"Exciting moments like helping a client get their temporary housing sorted or reaching a breakthrough in advocacy."

Safe Alliance in Charlotte helps people in violent relationships. Their 24-hour hotlines get nearly 30 calls every day.

"There is confidential help that they can reach out to. It doesn't matter when they do it, or what circumstances they're doing it on. All that matters is that they reach out. We will believe them, empower them, support them through whatever the ordeal is."

They can also accompany you to the hospital if you've been raped and help you get to a safe place where your food and toiletries will be taken care of.

"When you have a client that has a very good outcome and you see that smile or that sigh of relief. Those moments are priceless," Spencer said.

If you or someone you know is in an abusive or violent relationship, you can call one of the numbers below: 

Rape Crisis Hotline: (704) 375-9900

Domestic Violence Hotline: (704) 332-2513