Local prayer vigil held in support of children held at southern border

Charlotte neighbors came together in solidarity, singing and praying for the children separated from their families and conditions they are living in in boarder detection center. Just hours before a local prayer vigil, Carolina Senators went down south to see the situation for themselves.

North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis and South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham joined Vice President Mike Pence and others at the southern board Friday. But concerned Charlotteans say changes need to be made.

“The standards by any account are really bad, frankly horrific and obviously there have been several deaths,” said John Lockwood.

Lockwood helped organize Friday night’s vigil at New Outreach Christian Center. He says issues of living conditions transcend political agendas.

“In my opinion there is a culture of cruelty at these facilities,” said Lockwood. “That’s not a liberal issue a conservative issue, that’s a human issue.”

Elyas Mohammed came to the Lights for Liberty vigil in Charlotte Friday night to stand with his neighbors of diverse races and religions, praying for families at the boarder who have been separated. “They try to come here to make their lives better,” said Mohammed. “We are pissed off but this is what we can do.”

On twitter, Senator Graham tweeted: “We spent time listening to the brave men and women serving our nation on the border and the many struggles they face.