Local professor investigates company behind toll lane project

The ongoing battle between residents and toll lanes on I-77 continues. This time, a local Spanish professor uncovered information she hopes will shut the project down.

Diane Gilroy is a local Spanish professor. But in her free time, she's spent hours upon hours researching the I-77 toll lane project that will affect her commute to and from work every day.

NCDOT closed a deal with Mobility Partners, the company that will set toll rates and collect tolls once the 26 mile toll lane project is complete. But Gilroy says there are skeletons in the closet. 

Gilroy has filed complaints to Attorney General Roy Cooper and NCDOT Inspector General claiming the parent companies and affiliates of this project, Cintra and Ferrovial are plagued with legal problems that were not mentioned when they were making their bid.

Gilroy recently traveled to Spain, where she found local news organizations reporting lawsuits and investigations against parent companies Cintra and Ferrovial. One allegation claiming Ferrovial was involved in a multi-million dollar bribery ring.

Gilroy feels these same practices are taking place behind closed doors, and will affect the outcome of the toll lanes. We reached out to both parent companies Ferrovial and Cintra, but have not heard back.