Local store raises money for scholarship fund by selling mini "Cone Weeds"

In an old country store with a squeaky front door, selling everything from bananas to Christmas trees, a small version of Huntersville’s “Cone Weed” is available for purchase. 

"One was bought yesterday and is actually going up to New Hampshire," Stacy Philips. 

The viral phenomenon is taking on new life with the so called “Grand Cone.” All of the proceeds go to a scholarship fund in memory of loved ones lost.

"There were five children that never walked graduation at North Mecklenburg High School in the class of '97. Four died in car accidents, one died due to complications of leukemia. Over three quarters of $1 million has been raised in those children's honor and in other childrens' honor. The majority of those funds has gone to scholarships to local graduating seniors," said Charles Guignard. 

Next to the “Grand Cones,” there's a booklet listing all the “Angels of '97.” Laura Barnette was one of the original angels.

"She was the light of my life. I know it's going to sound corny, but she was my best friend, my only child. She never met a stranger. Her smile would light up a room. She was 16, a sophomore at North Mecklenburg High School when the accident happened. Because of Angels of '97, I’m able to keep going and keep her memory going," said Jane Bolton, Barnette’s mother. 

The grand cones go for $5 dollars each, and every penny goes to the Angels of '97. You can find them at the Old Store off Beatties Ford Rd. near Highway 73.

"We've been blessed to reach out to others to help not only students with scholarships, but bereaved families. it's so tough being a bereaved mom or bereaved dad. you need to be with others who understand. it's a lifelong journey. it's one we'll never get over,’ said Bolton.