Loch Ness Monster 'Is Probably A Large Catfish'

Loch Ness expert Steve Feltham has spent over 20 years looking for Nessie and now thinks he knows what the mysterious animal really is.

Appearing on our international news partner Sky News, Feltham said Nessie is probably a large catfish.

"The best contender for an explanation currently is a thing called a 'wels catfish,'" Feltham said. "At the moment, that's my best guess at the answer."

Feltham is separated from his girlfriend and has no other full-time job. He left his home 24 years ago to begin his quest and says he will not give up until a definite answer is found.

"How many people go to church on Sundays," Feltham asked while explaining his motivation. "We've got more evidence [for Nessie's existance] than we do for God."

When asked if Feltham would 'give up,' he laughed saying, "I'm not saying the mystery is solved... I'm still looking for a better explanation."

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