Low water levels impacting Lake Norman

Low water levels are impacting Lake Norman. Officials say boats are getting stuck in shallow water at twice the rate this year.

According to Duke Energy, Lake Norman's water is 3.5 feet below full pond level. Boaters are getting stuck in too shallow of water that last year was capable of being passed through.

With nice weather in the forecast for Labor Day, hundreds will be hitting Lake Norman. But officials are warning boaters to be careful they don't hit something else.

"Because water levels are so low on Lake Norman, we are seeing a lot of boats run aground," Derek DeBord of TowBoatUS said.

In the past 24 hours, two boats needed to be ungrounded on Lake Norman. Both crossed into too shallow of water in parts of the lake that normally are deep enough for boats to go through.

"It can do damage to the whole boat and it can do damage to the passengers if the passengers get thrown of the boat," DeBord said.

Despite the low water levels, DeBord doesn't think there is any reason for people to stay away from Lake Norman on Labor Day. He just advises people to stay between proper markers and to be aware.

There were no injuries to any boaters during the grounding.