Machete-wielding boy thwarts off would-be burglar in Mebane

Jataveon Hall is facing multiple charges after breaking in to a home to steal items in Mebane, police say. (Orange County Sheriff's Office)

An 11-year-old boy is being commended for stopping an attempted burglar at a home in Mebane on Friday, police say.

Reports indicated that around 11 a.m. on Yarborough Road three suspects attempted to break in to a home and steal items from the residence. In doing so one of the suspects took the 11-year-old and put him in a closet while canbvassing the house for items to steal.

The boy was able to make his way out, pick up a machete that was in the house, and knock one of the robbers in the head, causing a laceration and bleeding, at which point the robbers fled.

Shortly after a hospital reported a patient who admitted themselves with similar injuries and police were notified.

The suspect, Jataveon Hall, 19, faces multiple charges. It is unclear if the other two suspects were apprehended.

This is an ongoing investigation.