Mailboxes vandalized across south Charlotte neighborhood

Mailbox after mailbox found smashed and destroyed across a south Charlotte neighborhood. 

At least four cases of vandalism have been filed with CMPD, but through just looking and reports on the Nextdoor app, FOX 46 found at least a dozen.

One neighbor here says she’s seen even more—around two dozen. The one thing everyone here wants to know, though, is who did it.

The mailboxes were bashed in, some with mail still in them and some with pieces scattered on the ground. For others, there's nothing but a post left, and this is all within one subdivision.

“I came out in the morning to put my garbage out and my mailbox was on the ground,” victim Nathan Johnson said. 

He was of several who filed a report with CMPD about the vandalism.

“Why would someone come out and destroy stuff on multiple people's property?” 

FOX 46 found that many more that were damaged that weren't reported in a quick drive around the Park Ridge neighborhood. Someone or some people taking matters into their own hands to cause the damage.

CMPD says it all happened sometime between late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, and one neighbor saw it happen just after 3 a.m. on Wednesday.

 “It woke us from out of our sleep, and we didn't sleep with a sound machine, and it was loud,” neighbor Alicia said. 

She didn't want to give her last name or show her face because the suspects are still out there.

“We peeked out the blinds and saw an SUV on the road and saw a body run from across the street, and they sped off.” 

The SUV was reported to be an older model and light in color. For those that were the victims, they want to know why.

“I don't know why someone would be carrying so much rage...and, you know, I just hope they can get right with God,” Johnson said. 

There is a call out from some of the victims and also from CMPD to anyone who may have some Ring or surveillance video of these vandalism cases that could help crack the case. It is a federal offense to vandalize a mailbox.