Major League Baseball could be coming to Charlotte

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manford said he is "open to the idea that there will e a point in time where expansion may be possible" -- and Charlotte could be on a short list of cities.

Montreal, San Antonio, Portland, Oregon, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, northern New Jersey, Mexico City or Monterrey, Mexico are all believed to be under consideration.

This comes less than two years after BB&T Ballpark was finished being built in Uptown. A new stadium would need to be built to accommodate a Major League team.

"A Major League stadium is going to be four-times the size of [BB&T Ballpark]," Charlotte Knights General Manager Scotty Brown said. "For a Major League team to come, we'll need at least ten years of sustained attendance at Knights games to keep Charlotte in the forefront of all of need someone ownership wise that can come in and spend what it takes to win."

BB&T Ballpark cost $54 million. A Major League stadium could cost up to $1 billion.

"While we are thrilled and excited to be included on a list of potential cities for future expansion consideration by MLB, we are only in the second year of twenty year agreement with out stellar AAA Charlotte Knights franchise and partnership," Charlotte Assistant County Manager Ron Kimble said. "Our commitment and loyalties remain there for the foreseeable future."