Making The Most of Power Outage in Cornelius

Heavy snow throughout the night can sometimes to lead to a hectic morning. That was certainly the case for Justin Christenbury.

"8:30... 8 'o' clock, my wife told me that it had gone out. She heard some loud bangs as you would hear when the power goes out, and I woke up to no power," explains Christenbury,

Power outages during last week's ice storm were wide spread. Wet snow, like ice, was heavy enough in this case to bring down a tree.

"We had a pine tree fall and took town three phases of overhead lines," says Rogers McLendon from the city power company.

He and his crew were hard at work restoring power to the area of Cornelius. He estimated about 200 homes and one school were effected. He said he didn't expect the process of restoring power to take long.

"We're just splicing the wires back together trying to get it back up in the air," he explained.

Justin Christenbury and is wife decided to make the most of the storm by building snowmen in their front yard.

"Having fun. We don't get a whole lot of it, so you have to," says Christenbury.