Man accused of exposing self to women, girls across Charlotte in custody

The man police say exposed himself to young women and girls at a Charlotte bus stops has been taken into custody.

Family members of his victims tell FOX 46 they are relieved he his finally off the streets, but the arrest of Eric Henderson also brings back painful memories for Elsy Reyes.

“It has affected me, I have nightmares, I walk around watching my back. I think ‘this person is going to attack me,’ Reyes said. 

Henderson was arrested Thursday after police say he was exposing himself to children as young as 8 at bus stops around Charlotte. Court records show Henderson has been arrested multiple times for similar offenses. 

LINK: CMPD issues warning after several girls report incidents of indecent exposure across Charlotte

“Yes, he is a danger. As far as I’m concerned this person should not be on the street there are a lot of kids that we have to protect. I don't understand how these evil people can be still out there.” 

Reyes says for a period of time Henderson would expose himself and masturbate daily just outside her house in the afternoon.

What's worse, she says, is that plenty of young children live in the neighborhood, including her own 

“I have a daughter who is almost three today, and I have two other kids 15 and 11. For me, it is terrible that this person abuses a kid.” 

With Henderson behind bars again, Reyes hopes that he won't terrorize anyone else again. 

“I would say to this person, that they shouldn't do these things,” Reyes said. “If they have a sickness they have to seek help, and should be in jail or somewhere where they can be monitored because this person is going to do wrong. He doesn’t care if it's the middle of the day to harass kids and women.”