Man accused of groping teens at Union County Walmart

Union County Deputies need the public's help identifying a man accused of inappropriately touching teenage girls inside the Indian Trail Walmart.

The suspect was operating a motorized shopping cart at the time, but left in a red colored Ford Ranger pick-up truck.

"When you put your stuff in the car, you have to keep your eyes peeled to make sure no one is around," said Shopper Ellen Perry. "Because you just don't know."

The incident has shoppers who frequent the store on high alert.

"It makes me want to go to another Walmart," said Shopper Coe Hagler. "I don't want anyone touching me."

"It's unacceptable and absolutely wrong," said Shopper Christopher O'Neal. "I don't tolerate that and as a big brother, I'd never tolerate that."

The Union County Sheriff's Office says there were witnesses, but the man left the store before deputies arrived on scene and before the man could be identified.

"Someone like that is a complete and total disgust and has no room or right to do that to little girls," O'Neal said.

"I hope they catch whoever is doing it," added Hagler.

If you know anything, call the Union County Sheriff's Office or Crimestoppers at 704-283-5600.